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The Cenla Area Agency on Aging provides an open door and guidance for home care, meals, medical services, prescription assistance, in-home and community based care.

Aging & Disability Resource Center

The CENLA Area Agency on Aging is your local connection linking you with the information and services available. Our purpose is to increase awareness of community programs, both public and private, that assist in improving health, independence and quality of life to the elderly, and adults living with physical disabilities.

We have a trained staff on hand to assess your needs and the knowledge to direct you to suitable services. Our experience and knowledge with different agencies, the procedures, and all the many options available makes us a great resource.

Below are a few items that we can help you with:

Long Term Care Resources:
Help you navigate through the complex system of long Term Care Options
Medicare Counseling
Answer questions on Medicare coverage
Medicare Part D Applications
Assist you to find the best plan every year through Medicare.


Formerly called ‘food stamps’ and now known the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — assistance is provided for the purchase of food. Requests are submitted on the spot; no lines, no waiting! 

Food Boxes

These programs assist those with food shortages by providing a box of food each month, at no cost.

Medicare Extra Help

This subsidy program (aka Low income subsidy)assist with the premiums payments for Medicare Part D as well as lowers the cost of your medications. We file the application directly with the Social Security Administration and the response is mailed directly to you.

Wellness Program CDSMP and DSMP 

Feel Better, Be In Control and Do The Things You Want To Do! Our workshops teach you how to maintain and improve Your Life and Your Health. 


Many older adults experience concerns about falling and restrict their activities.  A MATTER OF BALANCE is an award-winning program designed to manage falls and increase activity levels.  Eight session workshops will help you learn ways to reduce falls and the fear of falling. You will learn exercises to help with balance.

For more information and course listing call 318-484-2260 or 800-454-9573.

Linking Adults & Adults to Pharmaceutical Aid

Louisiana SenioRx is a program designed to assist insured and uninsured seniors and disabled adults (21 years and older) to receive free or nearly free medications through pharmaceutical patient assistance programs. Our staff completes applications and provides the necessary documentation to the pharmaceutical companies for you. After the drug company has reviewed and approved your application, your medications are shipped to you or to your doctor's office. There is no charge for SenioRx assistance.

You are eligible for SenioRx if:

  • You do not qualify for any state/federal funded programs to assist with the cost of your medications.
  • You are a senior who has reached the “gap” or “donut hole” in your Medicare Part D coverage.
  • You are an adult who became disabled at age 21 or older and do not have insurance to cover your medications.
  • Your insurance does not cover some of your prescribed medicines.
  • You have not voluntarily canceled a state or federal prescription drug program or a private reimbursement plan within the last 6 months.
  • You are a Louisiana resident.

This is how you apply for SenioRx:

  • Complete a SenioRx application by contacting our office 318-484-2260.
  • Provide proof of income and proof of insurance.
  • Provide a list of your physicians including his/her name, address, and phone number.
  • Provide a list of your prescribed medications that you wish to receive through SenioRx.
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A program assisting those with low incomes to obtain medical services, co-payment assistance, Waiver, Long Term Care Services and Transportation Assistance.

We’ll submit your online application.